Sunday, September 23, 2012

When unique misses the selling point.

I saw this ad last night and it made me think...

We all know the power of addressing consumer pain-points with our advertising, with this being even more powerful if it's met by a genuine product truth.  However, the important thing to remember (which I think this ad fails to) is whether the pain-point being addressed is actually important to the consumer.

While I appreciate that other products own the 'thickness' (Viva) and 'disinfectant' (Dettol) positions, surely there are stronger messages for disposable wipe's than their ability to put time back into our day.

So the question is whether there's a point at which we need to concede to a position that's already owned (i.e. thickness), with our focus then being to communicate how our product uniquely meets these needs or alternatively uniquely communicate how these needs are met, rather than finding a unique position in itself.

Ultimately, if the problem doesn't concern your consumer -  neither will your product.

Here's another....

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